• PDO Thread Lift

  • PDO + BARB Thread Lift*

Suitable candidates – 25+ years

This is a quick treatment and can easily be done in your lunch hour but we do ask that you take care in order to prevent infections and other complications.
Thread lifts do come with bruising because of where we’re placing the threads so you need to plan your social life around the procedure.  You can cover with makeup after 48 hours.

How do Threads work?

The body detects threads and triggers a healing response, therefore stimulating collagen production in the treated area.

So what are the differences between non-barb and barb PDO threads?

Non-BARB PDO Lift – Polydioxanone Mono thread is made of synthetic and absorbable monofilament surgical suture. This thread is suitable for all areas of face and body needing subtle volumisation, subtle lift and skin tightening effect.

BARB Lift – MINT/Matrix/PDO -“Barbed” Polydioxanone thread has molded bi-directional and helically surgical barbs that are positioned along the length of the PDO thread. Its function is to give greater lift, support and structure to sagging facial tissue and the lift effect is immediate. This is suitable for mid-face and lower cheek areas to treat jowling and can also be used for jawline and neck lift.

Mono threads are often used together with the barbed PDO threads to support the barbed threads for an even longer lasting effect!

What is a BARB?

BARBS are bi-directional and helically surgical barbs that are positioned along the PDO Thread to give greater lift, support and structure to relaxed facial tissue by locking the tissue into place once the tissue has been lifted and tightened.

Areas that can be treated:

  • Forehead lines
  • Crows Feet
  • Glabella lines (Frown lines)
  • Under eye lines/creases
  • Nasolabial fold
  • Marionette lines
  • Jowling
  • Jawline
  • Lips – Vermillion Border to define the Cupid’s Bow
  • Upper lip lines/”Smoker’s” lines
  • Cheek definition
  • Cheek hollowing
  • Accordion (smile) lines
  • Submental (chin)
  • Neck lines
  • Abdomen
PDO Threads - 50 Threads
PDO Threads - 100 Threads
PDO Threads - 150 Threads
Jawline and Submental - 50 Threads
Neck - 100 Threads
Barb Threads Add-on Boosters - per Thread


Procedure Time
45 minutes




Final Result
6 weeks – 6 months


Results lasts
1 – 3 years


Recovery time
2 – 4 weeks


& swelling


Downtime: Return to work
after 1-2 weeks (patient dependant)