Thread Lift or Facelift? Let’s look at your options.

If you're considering a Face Rejuvenation, you'll want to explore your options!

As we age, our skin produces less collagen, which leads to a reduction in skin thickness of about 80% by about age 70. (Gasp!) Without collagen, skin cannot properly support the tissues beneath it, meaning that gravity does its thing, and alas ... excess skin and wrinkles.

Introducing new collagen to the skin of the face, when the signs of skin laxity are still mild to moderate, can help to both reduce excess skin and prevent more wrinkles.

Fortunately, there are many treatment options available, and not all of them require going under the knife or major downtime in recovery.

An option gaining rapid popularity in the world of skin health, and something we pride ourselves on being specialists in, is a procedure called a thread lift.

What is a thread lift?

A thread lift is a minimally invasive alternative to traditional facelift surgery, most commonly used in the forehead, neck, and jowls.

The procedure works by threading dissolvable, medical-grade sutures into the affected area and then “pulling” your skin up by tightening the thread.

'Invisible, painless “barbs” grip the underlying tissue as the thread is pulled tight.

Once a barbed thread has been inserted, your body’s natural healing response is triggered when it detects the suture material. This stimulates collagen production in the area, which fills gaps in the skin and restores a more youthful appearance to the face and décolletage.

The whole procedure only takes 30-45 minutes, depending on the area, and mild soreness, redness and swelling are normal.

What are the advantages of having a thread lift instead of a facelift?

1. Gradual Improved Skin Appearance and Elasticity

Those who have a thread lift to stimulate collagen will notice a gradual improvement in their skin's tone and firmness. When the threads have been placed, the body's healing response will be active because the body will try to remove what it recognises as a foreign object. However, because the threads placed under the skin during the procedure are so small, the patient won’t have any discomfort past the initial phase.

2. Reduced Recovery Time

For many thread lift patients, the best advantage of having this procedure rather than a facelift is the greatly reduced recovery time. With traditional facelift surgeries, the patient is heavily sedated and must have serious care for least three days after the procedure. Facelift patients must take at least one to two weeks off of most responsibilities (work, children, etc.) in order to heal properly. You’re in for quite an uncomfortable holiday!
Recovery from a thread lift, on the other hand, takes much less planning and downtime. Thread lifts can be performed under local anaesthesia, meaning patients can even drive themselves home afterwards if they wish.
While some patients will experience routine soreness and redness after having a thread lift and therefore want to have a few days rest, many can return to work as soon as they wish. Prescription pain medications are seldom needed after a thread lift, making it easier for patients to resume life normally.

3. Low Risk

Thread lifts are relatively low-risk procedures due to how noninvasive they are. Traditional facelifts can cause scarring, severe bruising, bleeding or other complications, but thread lifts have little to no risk of those side effects.

In rare cases, some thread lift patients may experience continued irritation, infection or visible sutures in the skin. However, if this occurs the sutures can be promptly removed and the patient's face will heal with no evidence of the threads.

4. Cost-Effective

Traditional facelifts can cost anywhere from $10 - $25K depending on how extensive the procedure needs to be. Ouch! Because thread lifts are much easier to perform than facelift surgery, and they require less time, anaesthesia and other resources, they are much more affordable.


While thread lifts will certainly cause visible changes to your skin’s appearance and elasticity, it’s good to keep reasonable expectations for the procedure. The threads can only lift areas of the face by a few millimetres, which creates a more subtle and natural-looking end result. Thread lifts are therefore best suited to patients with mild to moderate, rather than severe, excess skin and wrinkles.

So there you have it. Thread lifts explained! Want to learn more or talk to one of our specialists? Call us at 3268 6696 or visit our website to learn more.


Natural Aesthetic Treatments At DermSkin

At DermSkin Clinics we pride ourselves on having an aesthetic eye for facial ''symmetry'', creating a sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion, and balance with a ''less is more approach''.

Maintaining expressiveness and natural looking results as demonstrated in our before and after photos, is achieved through facial assessment. What is facial assessment and motion? How do we assess our patients in-motion? Motion can be used to describe three laws of mechanics. When we describe motion of the ''body"' we look at ''rest'' and uniformed ''motion''. During our facial assessment we will be evaluating natural expression in-motion.

So, how can we achieve a natural yet significant improvement for our patients, whilst facial expressions are in "motion".

Firstly, you will be asked to smile, rest, frown, and kiss. With the broadest range of Hyluronic gel textures we can meet our patients needs, whilst maintaining their natural expressivness.

Loss of expressiveness and unnatural results is often the patients major barrier when considering aesthetic treatments.

Cost and the length of treatment effectiveness will equally become a barrier when choosing NATURAL looking results and the clinic that is right for you!

Book in for your complimentary facial assessment at Dermskin Clinics and receive a ZO Skin Health mini peel at no charge.

"Healthy skin will always look younger"

Tarnya x


LIPS TO LOVE 1.2mls For Structure & Volume

Here at DermSkin Clinics we pride ourselves in enhancing your features with s 'Less Is More' approach. To enhance facial balance and achieve your Lips To Love, we recommend 1.2mls of Lip Filler - 0.6mls of Structure and 0.6mls of Volume to restore symmetry and create full natural Lips To Love.

The lip filler used at ACL is a is a hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler, made of the same volumising and moisturising component of your skin. The lip filler is specially designed for optimal tissue integration allowing your practitioner to achieve even results complimenting the natural contours of your face.

We always recommend to discuss with your practitioner the results you would like to achieve from your treatment and always offer complimentary consultations so you are able to make the most informed decision to achieve your desired outcome.

The majority of our patients wish to achieve a natural look, so if you have previously been treated with dermal filler, you may be surprised what your practitioner can achieve in the treated area.

Book in for your complimentary consultation here at ACL so you too, achieve full natural lips to love.


Mesotherapy? All You Need To Know.

f you're wanting to rejuvenate and feel toned and tightened Mesotherapy is the treatment for YOU!

Mesotherapy is a renowned technique that uses non-invasive infusion of vitamins, enzymes and hormones to rejuvenate, tighten, tone leaving you feeling Ageless.

What Does It Do?

Mesotherapy is used in areas such as the stomach, thighs, buttocks, hips, legs, arms and face to
- reduce cellulite
- diminish lines and wrinkles
- tighten loose skin
- recontour the body
- lighten pigmented skin

Ho Does It Work?

This treatment effectively uses very fine needles to deliver a series of injections to the middle layer of the skin! It corrects underlying issues such as, poor circulation and inflammation that cause skin damage. Mesotherapy is the treatment to achieving an ageless complexion.

How Do You Prepare?

Call and book your DermSkin complimentary consultation on 0447297239.

What To Expect?

As Mesotherapy is a non-invasive treatment, there is very minimal downtime. It is a promising treatment for correcting troublesome areas and allowing you to have the ageless complexion you have always desired.


Lovely Lips Everyone Will Love Your Guide to the Perfect Plush Lips

Lovely lucious lips is one thing that most women strive for. To have a plump pair of lips that compliments your facial features that not only you, but everyone will love. However, where do you begin? Here is our guide, so you can achieve the lovely lips you're wanting.

Learn Your Lips.

To achieve perfect plush lips, you need to know the signature lip looks. By doing your research, you're able to confidently book your cosmetic medical treatment and be soon showing off your perfect pout. There are five signature lip looks, so once you've done your research and decided upon a style that will suit you, you'll be on your way to having perfect plush lips.

To achieve lovely lips that everyone will love, a significant factor is trust. At Ageless we have an incredible team of practitioners who all have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the cosmetic medial industry. Ageless Cosmetic and Laser Clinics are registered healthcare practitioners that use recommended Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) products only. So, you can be confident and have perfect plush lips in no time at all. All cosmetic injectable consultations are complimentary. Call us or book online, for your lovely lips.